Script of the Day: GalleryShuffle

A PHP and MySQL script for managing photos and image albums

Publishing photos online can be a real hassle if you don't want to deal with Facebook, Picasa, PhotoBucket or any other third-party photo service. GalleryShuffle is a tool for hosting pictures on your own servers, without any privacy or security issues.

Written in PHP & MySQL, GalleryShuffle is filled with features for uploading, editing, organizing and sharing photos with your friends.

The installation process is seamless, and an admin panel provides the protected interface where only administrators have access to the image uploader and other tools.

Password-protected private albums can also be created, to share only with close friends and/or selected users.

GalleryShuffle is currently free to use. If interested in contributing to its source code, the project is hosted on SourceForge.

Download GalleryShuffle from our Scripts section here.

Check out more GalleryShuffle screenshots here.

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