Script of the Day: Fuel UX

Add new UI elements to Twitter’s Bootstrap framework

Fuel UX is a package for extending Twitter's famous Bootstrap front-end UI framework. It adds new components to the framework core, components that didn't make the cut with previous Bootstrap releases.

When Bootstrap was released almost a year ago, nobody expected it to be so successful in such a short time. The impact Bootstrap had on front-end development can be compared to Gangnam Style: everybody's doing it right now.

Since then, projects like Kickstrap and now Fuel UX have been launched, specifically designed to work around holes left opened in Bootstrap's core.

Fuel UX does nothing groundbreaking but only adds five new UI components (for now, as in version 2.1.1), components left out of Bootstrap's core package, mainly because they had no place in Twitter's public UI.

These are: a search box, a combobox, a pillbox, form field spinner controls and a very advanced data grid component.

The framework can be forked on GitHub and comes with examples to quickly get developers started on their own implementations.

Download Fuel UX from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Fuel UX screenshots here.

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