Script of the Day: Formwatcher

A CoffeeScript framework for dealing with Web forms

Written in CoffeeScript, Formwatcher is a generic library for dealing with the annoying task of validating user input in online forms.

Formwatcher was developed to use AJAX for all validation procedures, preventing unnecessary and sometimes inopportune page refreshes, while providing real-time feedback messages for inputted text and data.

This means that as an user fills in the form with his data, as soon as he focuses out of a field, Formwatcher will tell him if the data is correct, or will trigger an error on submission.

If JavaScript is turned off, the library can also gracefully degrade, allowing the user access to the form regardless. But who has JS turned off these days? Anyway, it's a good feature to have just in case.

Sure, there is currently a large number of form processing libraries that programmers can choose from and this looks (at first sight) like another try at reinventing the wheel, but in the end, Formwatcher manages to keep up with most of them and cover all basic features a form data validation toolkit needs to cover.

Also, there are few libraries written in CoffeeScript and Ender-ready, so in case you might work with those technologies, keep Formwatcher in mind.

Current development is handled via GitHub.

Download Formwatcher from our Scripts section here.

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