Script of the Day: Flowtime.js

JavaScript library for creating Web-based presentations and business slideshows

Flowtime.js is probably one of the five best Web-based scripts for creating business presentations and slideshows.

Written in pure JavaScript, Flowtime.js does not rely on any complicated JS framework to work, but it still provides plenty of tools and features for making browser presentations look and behave like your PowerPoint slideshows.

Developed with portability in mind, running presentations with Flowtime will allow you to simply host them online, or take them around with you on an USB stick and run them from any browser, on any computer, regardless of office software licensing or accessibility.

Flowitme heavily uses CSS 3 transitions, so keep in mind to use a more recent browser, not IE6 or something from the early 2000s.

A demo is packed with Flowtime's default package, to help developers get started on their own. The project's source code can be forked via GitHub.

Download Flowtime.js from our Scripts section here.

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