Script of the Day: Facebook Like-or-Lock

A WordPress plugin that unlocks content only after the user likes the page on Facebook

Facebook Like-or-Lock allows editors to hide content (text, images, videos, etc.) inside a shortcode. This content can later be viewed only after the visitor likes the page on Facebook. 

Facebook Like-or-Lock does not force the user to like the current page, but one setup by the webmaster in its settings page can.

The plugin is a very useful tool when it comes to social marketing and promotion, helping editors boost up their social statistics.

Facebook Like-or-Lock can additionally be used for displaying and viewing premium content, forcing users to “pay-with-a-like,” instead of using real-life currency.

Facebook Like-or-Lock is available on the WordPress plugin repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool.

Download Facebook Like-or-Lock from our Scripts section.

Check out more Facebook Like-or-Lock screenshots.

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