Script of the Day: Ender

A JavaScript framework for handling modules and their dependencies

Described as the “no-library library” and “npm's little sister,” Ender is a powerful JavaScript framework for assembling JavaScript modules and their dependencies together into a brand new library.

Ender can be used when dealing with complex project specifications that force developers to use non-standard technologies. It allows them to build custom libraries by concatenating other pieces of JavaScript code into a totally new library, perfectly crafted to fit the project's final goal.

Created to be used with Node.js, a server-side JavaScript framework, Ender's goal is to ease front-end development by implementing the principles behind npm for front-end JS packages as well.

As npm, Ender can deal with versions, requirements and dependencies to easily allow developers to import, replace or remove packages from their custom built JavaScript libraries.

As an advice from our Webscripts testing team, if you're not familiar with Node.js and npm, don't bother with Ender. Learn the basics first.

Ender's source code is available via its GitHub account.

Download Ender from our Scripts section here.

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