Script of the Day: Elefant CMS

A PHP framework and CMS (content management system) at the same time

Elefant CMS is what they call “in the industry” a CMF (content management framework). A combination between the power and adaptive properties of a pure PHP framework and the user friendliness of a CMS (content management system).

It does all the things a CMS does, and it also provides all the tools a framework provides, satisfying the needs of simple non-technical users and hardcore developers alike.

Developed on an MVC model and boasting a super simple content editing interface, Elefant CMS allows users to edit content and view the results in real-time, while also allowing developers to control templates and layouts at the same time. It's actually that simple to work with.

But don't take our word for it, take it for a spin. A live demo can be tested here, while the Elefant CMS source code is currently freely available on GitHub.

Download Elefant CMS from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Elefant CMS screenshots here.

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