Script of the Day: Dynamic WordPress Form Builder

A WordPress plugin for building custom contact forms

The Dynamic WordPress Form Builder plugin uses a visual interface to let non-technical users assemble the Web forms they want.

Dynamic WordPress Form Builder supports all form field types out of the box and can be used to create, edit and manage more than one form at a time.

WordPress already has tens of plugins for inserting simple structured contact forms, but those become irrelevant extremely quick when clients need more complicated form structures, sometimes closely tied to the activity they are involved in.

For these cases, the Dynamic WordPress Form Builder can be installed and used to build customized form structures, complete with the proper form validation procedures that let site visitors submit their content. The webmasters receive it via email and also gather it inside the WordPress database for further processing later on.

The plugin is available on the WordPress repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool.

Download Dynamic WordPress Form Builder from our Scripts section.

Check out more Dynamic WordPress Form Builder screenshots.

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