Script of the Day: Drupal Commerce

An open source e-commerce framework for Drupal sites

Drupal Commerce is a Drupal module for building online stores (obviously). It comes packed as a standalone Drupal module and as a modified Drupal core installation.

The Drupal Commerce module can be installed on top of any basic Drupal installation, while the modified core, also known as Commerce Kickstart is basically a normal Drupal CMS installation package, but with the Commerce module and all of its dependencies included out of the box.

We recommend the last one for testing, since the Commerce module comes with lots and lots of dependencies that will make you go crazy when installing the stand-alone module by hand and not using an automated tool like Drush.

As for features and advantages, Drupal Commerce includes all the tools you expect from an online store to possess, like the ability to manage product, customers, orders, shipping, taxes, payment methods, coupons, discounts, etc.

There's no backend demo available for Drupal Commerce, but you can check out the frontend of a sample store (just for testing, don't attempt to buy anything).

Download Drupal Commerce from our Scripts section.

Check out more Drupal Commerce screenshots.

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