Script of the Day: Dropzone.js

A jQuery plugin for supporting HTML 5 drag & drop upload fields

Dropzone.js will deal with all the intricate details of having a drag & drop upload field with your online form.

HTML5 is making its way into our life more and more as the official launch date creeps up on us as days go by.

While few developers know and are willing to implement all of its marvelous features, Dropzone will surely help programmers get much more easily acquainted to HTML5's new drag & drop upload support.

Using lots of jQuery and AJAX operations, Dropzone.js provides a common interface that deals with all the quirks and hidden features that come with drag & drop uploading.

The plugin will handle multiple file uploads, progress indicators, upload errors, larger than life files, preview thumbnails for image uploads and any cross-browser compatibilities that might deter your regular Joe programmer from implementing such a feature.

Keep an eye out for new features and current issues via Dropzone's GitHub profile.

Download Dropzone.js from our Scripts section here.

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