Script of the Day: DbNinja

Manage MySQL databases via a browser-based interface

While phpMyAdmin has been the undisputed king of MySQL Web-based GUIs, people are starting to notice its ever increasing slow page speed and have been migrating to faster solutions. One of those is DbNinja.

It does almost all of the things phpMyAdmin does, but faster. At least in our Scripts testing department’s opinion, anyway.

DbNinja comes with an easy-to-use installation wizard and will seamlessly integrate with any MySQL server. It is also written in PHP, so most shared hosting providers will support it without any further problems or complications.

Basic features like database records editing, manual SQL query runner and database schema editing are all included, so most common tasks are covered. Finer grained features are also provided, but most newbie users won't get to use them anyway unless they become an advanced database expert in the meantime.

DbNinja is free for non-commercial use, while a personalized quote can be requested for commercial purposes.

Download DbNinja from our Scripts section here.

Check out more DbNinja screenshots here.

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