Script of the Day: Dashing

A Ruby framework developed by Shopify for creating admin dashboards

Dashing started as a tool for showing custom dashboards on TVs around the Shopify office and is now one of the premiere tools for creating nice-looking admin panels.

There are many things Dashing can do. It can follow a data source, process the results, and update the widgets in real time.

The dashboard panel supports drag and drop widgets re-ordering and is very easily customizable by editing some HTML and SCSS (CSS superset) code.

Under the hood, Dashing is powered by proven tools like Batman.js and Sinatra. It also comes with default support for Heroku, so dashboards can be launched online within minutes.

Shopify's Dashing source code is available on GitHub and a demo can be tested here and here.

Download Dashing from our Scripts section here.

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