Script of the Day: DaVinci LMS

A LMS (learning management system) built on the Ruby on Rails framework

Coded on top of the Ruby on Rails framework, DaVinci LMS is a wonderful script for running an online training and courses service.

Developed to run on the MongoDB database system, DaVinci is in no way or fashion inferior to the plethora of PHP & MySQL-powered LMS solutions currently available on the market.

Open sourced and free to the world, DaVinci provides all the tools schools might need to move their courses online.

The system provides separate roles for teachers and students, along with a general admin role for school administrators to manage the entire system from.

The process is quite simple. Teachers log on, create courses which students can sign in for, download materials, upload their homework and get graded for. Simple and short with no extra complications.

But there's nothing like a demo to put any fears to rest, so check out DaVinci's demo hosted via Heroku.

Download DaVinci LMS from our Scripts section here.

Check out more DaVinci LMS screenshots here.

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