Script of the Day: Cotonti

A flexible and easy to use Content Management System (CMS)

Cotonti is one of those unknown solutions for creating and editing websites that have managed to go totally unnoticed, even if it has been actively developed for quite some time now and boasts plenty of features to be successfully compared to any known CMSs.

Originally developed as a CMS (content management system), Cotonti has evolved weekly to a better and more enhanced core, allowing advanced and more powerful customizations with every new version. So it’s safe to call Cotonti a CMF (content management framework) now and not be wrong.

Regular CMS users won't have any problems installing and using Cotonti, since the CMS/CMF sticks to well-known UI and behavioral patterns.

A default Cotonti site comes with an installation wizard, and is split between a front-end for displaying the content and a back-end for adding new pages and adjusting other settings.

Any webmaster should feel right at home inside the admin panel, and the most complicated things he'll do all day will be the site customizations themselves, since any other administrative tasks are handled via a specially crafted UI.

To keep track of recent Cotonti stable and development versions, you can follow its Google Code page.

Download Cotonti from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Cotonti screenshots here.

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