Script of the Day: CommaFeed

A powerful RSS reader to replace your Google Reader account

With two days left on your Google Reader account's lifetime, it's probably the time to find an alternative. If someone is still looking, knows Java and wants a self-hosted solution, CommaFeed is the tool to check out.

Surprisingly good looking and packed with lots of features for the time it took to get it coded and launched, CommaFeed actually looks better than most RSS readers that have been around for years, even before Google announced it intended to retire Reader.

Put together with haste, CommaFeed provides most of the features that made Google's Reader the sole dominant force on the RSS reading market.

All the features you like are there, from social sharing buttons, to tagging options, to different reading layouts and up to a similar UI style. CommaFeed should make it easy to work with your new RSS reader, seamlessly transitioning users from Reader accounts.

Of course, an OPML feed importing feature is also present for migrating any Google Reader account without glitches.

If you like CommaFeed, but can't host it yourself, you can still sign up for an account on CommaFeed's website and have them host it for you. In this case, you won't have complete control over the stored data and the server performance. Additionally, CommaFeed's source can also be forked on GitHub.

Download CommaFeed from our Scripts section here.

Check out more CommaFeed screenshots here.

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