Script of the Day: CleanerPress

Tweak, optimize and improve a WordPress site's performance

Speed addicts will love CleanerPress, a WordPress plugin that helps webmasters tweak their WP installations, optimizing code output for faster page load times.

Google has been promoting page speed as one of the most important metrics in search results classification for a long time now, and rightfully so, since some so-called “SEO experts” will sometimes overload a page's header with way too many meta tags and script load requests.

CleanerPress is basically a mash-up of various techniques used for many years in professional Web development for increasing a page's load times.

Besides those agnostic methods, WordPress specific tools are also included, for filtering out non-important content and altering some core behavior.

The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool.

Download CleanerPress from our Scripts section here.

Check out more CleanerPress screenshots here.

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