Script of the Day: Centurion

A content management framework (CMF) for PHP's Zend Framework

Centurion adds to the Zend Framework what's been missing for a long time, an administrative interface that lets developers control what and when gets displayed in a Zend-powered application or website.

Working with frameworks is difficult enough, usually because of the new syntax and the amount of documentation a new programmer needs to get acquainted with before becoming good at it.

That's why, if a framework provides a CMF (content management framework), working with its bare bones is much easier.

A CMF is not a fully working CMS, but it's as useful when you don't want to get stuck in a CMS' limits. The CMF still provides a GUI to manage data, but the data it manages is usually the raw taxonomy content, not the data itself.

In layman's terms, Centurion lets the programmer build the data structure and then provides an interface for managing it and its content.

Centurion can be forked on GitHub and a demo can be tested via their homepage here.

Download Centurion from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Centurion screenshots here.

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