Script of the Day: Cascade Framework

A CSS framework for quickly prototyping and deploying frontend user interfaces

The Cascade CSS framework is a unique project these days. Unlike most CSS frameworks that focus on the UI, Cascade focuses on code organization and cross-browser compliance, something that most CSS frontend developers these days don't care about anymore.

While CSS framework developers has been busy in packing as much UI modules as they can in their frameworks' core, most of them forgot the main problem with Web development, a problem that's been around since the early 2000s: cross-browser compliance.

While most frameworks break when seen from a different, older browser, the Cascade Framework still renders the same and even gracefully degrades in ancient browsers.

Impossible right? Not impossible, but very possible, as this framework has proven. The biggest difference with Cascade compared to other CSS frameworks is the way code has been organized, making it super easy for developers to not only use, but also maintain the websites they build. All without breaking in older browsers.

Download Cascade Framework from our Scripts section.

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