Script of the Day: Captionator

A script to super-impose subtitles over HTML5 video players

Developers that made the switch from Flash to HTML5 for their online video players will find a trusty ally in Captionator, a small JavaScript library for displaying closed captions (subtitles) on top of the video canvas.

Captionator currently supports subtitles in the SRT, SBV, SUB and WebVTT formats and will work anywhere HTML5 is supported and JavaScript is activated on the client's side.

Under the hood, Captionator uses a grid system to show subtitles in the desired position. This means that captions can be placed anywhere on the video canvas, so vertically displayed alphabets (eg: Japanese) will work as well.

From the subtitle's size, color and weight, anything about the text itself can be modified, and even different styles can be applied to individual words.

The script is framework agnostic and will work anywhere, being limited only by the browsers that support (or not) HTML5 video.

Captionator development is handled via GitHub.

Download Captionator from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Captionator screenshots here.

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