Script of the Day: CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

A set of CSS 3 buttons inspired by the Windows 8 interface

CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons is a collection of Web buttons created with CSS 3 and modeled after the Modern UI interface that comes with the new Windows 8 OS that was officially released a few days ago.

This collection is perfect for creating mobile Web apps, providing a design-agnostic style that can be easily integrated with any background color and design trend.

In addition to the button pack, newer versions have provided default styles for common Web form elements, allowing developers to transform their form's bland default look into Windows 8 look-alikes.

The entire package was built to work out of the box with Twitter's Bootstrap framework, and comes with support for LESS and SASS.

CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons' source code is available on GitHub.

Download CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons from our Scripts section here.

Check out more CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons screenshots here.

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