Script of the Day: CSS3 ColorPicker

A Photoshop-like jQuery and CSS3-based color picker

Whenever a project dictates the usage of a color selection UI widget, CSS3 ColorPicker is a jQuery plugin to be taken into account from now on.

Not all developers are Photoshop experts, but at one point or another, all programmers would have ended up opening Adobe's photo editing masterpiece either to tweak a UI element or to work their own photos.

By doing so, they would have certainly interacted with one of the most easy to use and most complete color picking widgets around. And that's probably why CSS3 ColorPicker has been modeled after Photoshop's famous color picker.

Utilizing CSS3 for the front-end graphics, this widget uses jQuery for color selection logic and page interactions, supporting lots of features and configurable options along the way.

From hexcode to RGB and HSV, all commonly used color domains are supported. As an extra option, color palettes are also implemented, if in any case the project might require some predefined color structures.

CSS3 ColorPicker is open sourced under the MIT license and is free to use. It can also be forked on GitHub, if you're interested in contributing to its source code. A demo is available via jsFiddle.

Download CSS3 ColorPicker from our Scripts section here.

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