Script of the Day: Bonfire

A Web-based GUI for deploying CodeIgniter installations

Bonfire is a nice package for CodeIgniter (CI) developers for preparing the structure of their future CI-based projects.

If CMSs are like New York and frameworks are like Los Angeles, then Bonfire can be described as Kansas City, right around the middle between those two.

It utilizes a nicely crafted and well organized UI for moving around CodeIgniter code and preparing framework installations adequately to the needs of the projects they'll be powering.

Bonfire is packed with tools for controlling and preparing the database layer, logging facilities, themes, add-on structure and the user base. You could call it a CMS builder and not be wrong about it.

The source code, development news, feature requests and the issues tracker for  Bonfire can be found on its GitHub account.

Download Bonfire from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Bonfire screenshots here.

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