Script of the Day: Auto Attachments

A WordPress plugin for displaying files attached to a post or page

Auto Attachments makes attaching any type of file to a WordPress post or page much more easier, both for editors and for readers.

It changes the way they are listed on the front-end, grouping files together based on their type, adding icons for easier content identification and automatically linking audio and video files to a player so they can be listened or viewed right there on the page without downloading them locally.

Auto Attachments comes with an in-depth settings page integrated with the WordPress admin panel and the possibility to change the used icons pack.

If the icon pack is changed or slightly modified, a tool is provided for re-indexing and re-generating posts and pages with the new icons.

The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository, making it easier to install via WP's built-in plugin installation tool.

Download Auto Attachments from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Auto Attachments screenshots here.

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