Script of the Day: Alertify

Show warnings, notifications and alerts on a Web page

Showing graceful alerts and notifications will be extremely easy if you choose Alertify as your prime choice for user feedback display mechanism.

Alertify (also known as a!ertifyjs) works in two modes, leaving it to the developer to choose the appropriate one for his Web page or app.

The first shows notifications as modal pop-ups floating above the rest of the page, while the second shows the same messages as simple fading boxes in a style and manner made famous by Growl, in one of the page's corners.

Completely styleable via CSS, these messages can also be categorized in various levels, for showing the appropriate notification based on the user's action. This means messages can be split into warnings, alerts, success notifications, and so on.

Development news, feature requests and Alertify issues are handled via its official GitHub account.

Download Alertify from our Scripts section here.

Check out more Alertify screenshots here.

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