Script of the Day: Akka

A Scala enterprise framework for building scalable Web applications

Akka is an advanced Scala framework for developing scalable, concurrent and distributed JVM-based Web applications.

Not for your every day Web developer, Akka is for big gun programmers which have to build applications that handle tens of millions of requests per second at enormous rates and traffic.

Built as a mash-up between the Actor Model and the Software Transactional Memory design principles, Akka can allow its processes to crash and then restart to continue their work, being one of the best self-healing and fault-tolerant frameworks around.

Akka is currently deployed in production with big companies like Amazon, Blizzard, IGN, Klout, CSC, VMWare, Autodesk, Credit Suisse or UBS.

Akka's source code is available via GitHub.

Download Akka from our Scripts section here.

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