Samsung, Google Dominate the Top 10 Viral Tech Ad Videos of 2012

Samsung poured a huge amount of money into marketing, but it's paying off

Visible Measures has compiled a list of the most watched tech ads online in 2012. It's an interesting chart since it's dominated by Google, in one way or another. Three of the top five ads are from Samsung, but they're all for Android devices.

Google cracks the top five with its Project Glass introduction, an impressive video for an impressive technology, albeit one that doesn't actually exist yet.

It's hard to even call this an ad since it doesn't really advertise anything, apart perhaps from Google's prowess.

Google makes another entry at number nine with its Nexus 7. The big winner though is Samsung, which occupies four spots from the top 10 and three from the top five.

What's more, its top 10 entries have gathered a combined 240 million views. The most popular video is Samsung's Galaxy S3 ad, which takes quite a few swipes at iPhone users. Speaking of Apple, which held the title last year, it only managed to get one spot in the top 10, at number six.

2. Intel/Toshiba

3. Samsung

4. Samsung

5. Google

6. LG

7. Samsung

9. Google

10. Microsoft

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