Run from Zombies with New Google Glass Fitness App

"Race Yourself" helps keep you motivated while working out

Some developers came up with an awesome idea. In a world filled with zombie apocalypse movies, it was only a matter of time before the first themed games came to Google Glass.

Called “Race Yourself,” this game could be an ideal title to turn Google Glass into a fitness tool. After all, it has no wires and you barely have to touch it, which means you can simply enjoy your workout.

The game uses augmented reality and gives you an avatar that competes against the real world, The Next Web reports. “Race Yourself” has over 30 game modes that make you race against yourself, boulders such as those in Indiana Jones or zombies. There you go! The mode everyone will play.

If nothing else, this tool should make it fun for you to work out. It registers the time spent exercising, the distance you ran, the calories burnt and the pace.

The app doesn’t just work with running, but a series of other sports as well, which makes it that much more useful.

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