Royal Family Member Visits GCHQ's Secret London Location

Prince Philip took a trip to the secret spy hideout earlier this week

The GCHQ, the British intelligence agency, received a royal visitor in the form of Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh made a private visit to the London office of the Government Communications Headquarters on Wednesday, the Telegraph reports. The location of the secretive intelligence agency's London office hasn't even actually been put on paper.

“His Royal Highness wanted to show how much the Royal family, and the country, values the vital work that GCHQ does,” the announcement reads.

Well, the GCHQ may be appreciated by the Royal family, but its work isn’t necessarily at the top of the list of preferences for Brits, especially since it has been revealed that they work so closely with the NSA to spy on everyone, including British citizens.

It seems that during his visit, Prince Philip viewed a commemorative exhibition “One Hundred Years of Intelligence and Security,” but, naturally, no other details were given.

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