Reviews in the Google Play Store Require a Google+ Profile Now

The move should improve the quality of the reviews, even if it means

Online reviews are a great way of judging whether something is worth buying or investing time in. But like everything else online, they can be gamed.

Positive reviews can make the difference between obscurity and huge piles of money, whether you're self-publishing books on Amazon or creating games for Android.

Which is why the new requirement for all Google Play reviews to be linked to a Google+ profile is a good move, despite the fact that it's limiting the number of people who can leave reviews on Play Store apps.

While many will see this as Google pushing its Google+ service one again, which is definitely true, the bad is offset by the good in this particular case.

Reviews that can't be linked to an actual person aren't worth much, yet user reviews are a very important factor in how popular an app gets to be.

Granted, Google+ profiles can be faked just like everything else, but it should make it a lot easier for both Google and users to decide whether a review is trustworthy or not.

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