Restore the Fourth: Senator Behind PRISM Lawsuit Shows Support

Rand Paul has already expressed his support for the protests that are about to begin

Senator Rand Paul, the man behind the first class action lawsuit over PRISM, has already expressed his support of the Restore the Fourth protests.

In a video posted on YouTube, the senator says that he believes the right to privacy is one of the new fights of the century.

“The Supreme Court is going to have to look at this. I will continue to try to lead the fight. I complement all the other privacy groups that are involved and I’m supportive of their efforts to challenge this,” Paul said.

The senator also made a point in saying that the Supreme Court needs to get involved in the issue and let people know that with the Internet, there is expanded expectation of privacy.

Restore the Fourth is a movement that was born after it was revealed that the NSA had been spying on all Internet users from across the globe, but also from the United States. The supporters of the protests are telling the government to restore the fourth Amendment.

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