Research: File-Sharers Earn More Money

A new research shows that Internet pirates from Australia actually earn more money

A new research reveals that those who choose to share files over the Internet are better educated than their non-downloading counterparts.

The research was commissioned by the Australasian Performing Right Association and regards mostly Australian file-sharers, TorrentFreak reports.

According to the study results, one in three Internet pirates from Australia earn more than $100,000 (€72,276) and one in four has been to the University.

Furthermore, the results indicate that pirates tend to be quite young, with a 44% of file-sharers under 30 years of age.

Just a few weeks back, a study showed that, ironically, pirates actually spend more money on legal purchases than those who don’t engage in such activity.

Now, with the new research there comes a simple explanation to this situation, namely the fact that they simply have more money to spend.

About 14 percent of people earning $40,000 (€28,910) are pirates, while 27 percent rack up between $60,000 (€43,365) and $100,000 (€72,276) per year.

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