Reddit Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments, a Huge Win for the Currency

It's also taking direct credit card payments for Reddit Gold

Reddit, always a progressive site, is now accepting Bitcoins as payment for Reddit Gold, a sort of paid "pro" account.

Until now, users could pay with PayPal or Google Wallet, there's now a third option, bitcoins, one that may prove popular with Reddit users, at least some groups. Actually, it's adding a fourth option as well, direct credit card payments.

"We're using Coinbase as our bitcoin payment processor and Stripe for credit cards. Right now we're only accepting credit card payments from the US and Canada, but bitcoin payments can be made from anywhere in the world," Reddit explained.

Reddit will open up credit card payments to the rest of the world in a week or so. Still, the more interesting option is bitcoins.

While the currency is getting some traction in some circles and you can buy anything from pizza to computer parts to drugs with it, it's hardly something widely accepted. Reddit adding the option goes a long way towards legitimizing bitcoins as a form of currency and payment method.

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