Record Label Forces Radio to Drop Ad for Dotcom's Mega, Launching in 3 Days

The new file sharing site is set to go live this Saturday

Kim Dotcom's Mega is only a few days away, if the scheduled launch day, this Saturday, is kept. Dotcom wants to launch the new site on the anniversary of the raid that killed the old MegaUpload.

He's been talking about it for months, he leaked some screenshots and explained how the storage service will work.

It all sounds interesting, but we'll have to see it working first. It there's one thing Dotcom's an expert at, is getting attention and free press. But sometimes he does have to go the old fashion way and pay for ads just like everyone else.

It's not as simple as it sounds though. He wanted to run a series of radio ads to get the word out in New Zealand. He had a deal ready with MediaWorks, everything was set to go, but then the radio company pulled out.

The reason, Dotcom says, is that record labels pressured the media company to back out. Since music is such big part of most radios, it's easy to understand how the company could be "persuaded." He doesn't blame the radio company though.

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