Reader Feature for Firefox Progressing Nicely

The desktop version of Firefox will get a reader feature like the Android release

One of Firefox for Android's notable features is a reader mode which adjusts the content on the page to a format that is both easy on the eyes and suitable for the small screen of a phone.

But few students are working with Mozilla to implement the feature for the desktop Firefox as well.

The feature is far from being ready and there's no guarantee that it will even be included in Firefox in the end, but it could make for an interesting, stand-out feature.

There are plenty of add-ons that reformat web content in a layout that is easier to read and follow.

In fact, the problem may be that there are too many of them, people don't know which to choose, if they figure out such a feature even exists.

What's more, some of the best known such add-ons have been moving away from their roots as simple tools.

So far, the work has focused on moving the Readability library codebase from the Firefox for Android repository to a common location, for both versions of the browser.

An about:reader page has been created, it will hold the formatted page, and an internal preference reader.enabled has been created. You can read more about the progress here.

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