The RIAA Asks Google to Remove 25 Million Pirate Links

That still makes it the second biggest user of Google's takedown tools

Google has been making it possible for copyright owners to request the removal of links that point to illegal material from its search results. The movie, music, and software industries have been making good use of that possibility.

In fact, the RIAA, the music industry group, has now reached another milestone, having requested the removal of 25 million pages to date.

The rate at which the RIAA is asking Google to remove results is increasing; the group reached the 20-million-URL mark in May. In just six weeks, the RIAA added five million more links.

But it's still not the biggest takedown request issuer; that title goes to the Indian anti-piracy company Degban. Another music industry group, the BPI, is in third place, behind the RIAA, with 24.3 million requests.

The two groups have almost 50 million requests between them, making the music industry by far the biggest user of Google's takedown tool.

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