RIAA Asked Google to Censor 10 Million URLs

A big number, but at this point Google removes 14 million per month

The RIAA has cause for celebration, it managed to get 10 million pages censored on the web, in Google results at least. In less than two years, the Recording Industry Association of America got Google drop 10 million links from its results.

Granted, that number doesn't sound that impressive when you factor in that Google removes close to 14 million links per month due to copyright infringement complaints.

Still, the RIAA, like everyone else, is ramping up efforts and sending more and more request each month.

Piracy isn't going anywhere, even removing 10 times as many links as they do now wouldn't make much of a dent, especially since most people don't rely on Google to get pirated content.

Neither all of the links targeted, HBO asked Google to remove some links on HBO.com and it's hardly the first to make such a gaffe. But just because something isn't working doesn't mean you have to stop.

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