QRpedia Generates QR Codes for Wikipedia Articles in All Languages Available

The tool is already used in several museums around the world

QR codes may have lost some of their glamour, now that NFC chips are starting to be included in phones, but they're still a very useful tool. What's more, most phones, even 'non-smart' ones, whereas few have a NFC chip.

With this in mind, Wikipedia is showcasing QRpedia, a QR code generator exclusively for Wikipedia.

There are plenty of QR code generators out there, some quite powerful, but what QRpedia does unique is that it provides a link to a Wikipedia article in the language that is appropriate to the user using the code, providing it's available in that language.

You can try it yourself over at QRpedia.org. The tool is already being used by several museums.

You can also see it in action by using the QR code above which links to a Wikipedia article about the artist Joan Miró, available in 40 languages.

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