President Obama and NZ Prime Minister Talk About Kim Dotcom

Megaupload’s founder wants to show Hollywood how to build “a proper internet business”

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and US President Barack Obama met today at the East Asia Summit in Cambodia. Apparently, one of their topics of discussion was the controversial fonder of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom.

According to, the officials didn’t reveal what, if any, conclusion was reached regarding the Dotcom case in their private chat.

After learning of the private meeting, Dotcom sent messages to both the Prime Minister and his “friends.”

“@JohnKeyPM ask @BarackObama to give us green cards so we can come and help Hollywood to build a proper Internet business ;-),” he wrote.

He added, “Dear friends, please ask @BarackObama to embrace #Innovation & #InternetFreedom in his 2nd term as President.”

In the meantime, Kim Dotcom is busy with the launch of the new Mega service. Also, he is currently fighting a legal battle against being extradited to the United States for piracy charges.

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