Play the Google Doodle Snake Game for the Chinese New Year

For the year of the snake Google ran a simple snake game doodle

The Chinese and much of Asia celebrated the New Year over the weekend. As in previous years, Google marked this with a doodle, but it went beyond the simple static doodle this time and actually built a simple snake game.

It makes sense too, since 2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar. The doodle was shown in China and a few other Asian countries, but most of the world missed out on it.

Thankfully, Google archives all of its doodles, even the interactive ones, so you can play the Google snake doodle for yourself and take as much time as you need to beat your record.

The game is simple enough, you get one minute to grab as many goodies as you can and you even get a traditional Chinese soundtrack to cheer you on.


The snake game doodle (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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