Pinterest Launches Localized French Version

The new site will cater to French users with localized content

Pinterest is making one of its first strides outside of the US with the launch of a French version of the platform. The site has been translated into French, but this is not new. Pinterest is already available in several languages.

What is new is the fact that Pinterest now has a team in France and that French users will be getting a localized experience.

For one, users will be seeing more French content. Suggestions and recommendations will also be customized and geared towards French pinners and sites.

"French pinners will see more local content in Search and category feeds, as well as links to more French domains and pins with descriptions in French. We hope today’s updates will help French pinners discover more relevant pins, and faster than ever before," Pinterest explained.

To start off the new site, Pinterest is also highlighting the stories of the most popular French pinners already on the platform. It will be showcasing several of them each day for the next month.

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