Pinterest Helps Users Find Pins They'll Love

By introducing this category, users will discover pins similar to those they already love

Pinterest has introduced a new section on its site where it starts predicting users’ interests.

The “Explore Interests” section helps Pinterest’s nearly 50 million users get a personalized view of all previously added pins. Clicking on any of the pins there will take users to a new page.

This is where Pinterest’s new feature comes into play. On the page, users will find similar pins, based on the topics of the original items they added to their boards.

“For example, if you’re curious about traveling, more travel Pins is a good place to start. If you’re really into something specific like travel in New York City, we’ll show you some great Pins we think you may like,” the company wrote in a blog post.

This should help users discover more new content, but it should also grow the user traffic over Pinterest pages.

Last week, Facebook introduced a new feature that should help users find healthy cooking recipes and started allowing users to upload GIFs.

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