Pinterest Adds "Secret Boards" That Only You or Your Friends Can See

Making it possible to control who gets to see your pins if anyone at all

Pinterest is great for sharing stuff, it's the entire reason the site exists and why it's so popular.

But that doesn't mean it couldn't benefit from a way of sharing things in a more controlled manner, rather than share everything with everyone. And now, that's possible with "secret boards."

The new secret boards, which are rolling out to all users gradually, just in time for the holiday season, will enable users to keep up to three boards to themselves.

They can be entirely secret, i.e. only they can see it, or they can invite friends or colleagues to view or pin to them. The idea is to make it possible to keep some things away from the public eye.

It's one of Pinterest's most requested feature, but it makes sense for Pinterest to be reluctant to implement it, secret boards are obviously less viral.

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