Patriot Act Author Accuses NSA of Abusing the Law

The law wasn't meant to allow surveillance on this scale

Not that it’s the first time Jim Sensenbrenner, the author of the Patriot Act, has taken the stage to accuse NSA of abusing the legislation, but each and every time he does, it’s worth to mention because, after all, he’s the one who wrote the law.

Sensenbrenner created the USA Patriot Act after the terrorist attacks of September 2001. The piece of legislation included Section 215, which permitted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to authorize broad warrants for surveillance.

Basically, it’s the piece of legislation the intelligence agency is hanging on to in order to rationalize their spying practices.

“I stand by the Patriot Act and support the specific targeting of terrorists by our government, but the proper balance has not been struck between civil rights and American security. A large, intrusive government – however benevolent it claims to be – is not immune from the simple truth that centralized power threatens liberty,” Sensenbrenner said in a statement.

“Americans are increasingly wary that Washington is violating the privacy rights guaranteed to us by the Fourth Amendment,” he said.

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