Path Product VP to Join Yahoo

Dylan Casey is likely to be involved with Mayer's mobile team of experts

Marissa Mayer’s bet on mobile has been kicked up a notch as she added Dylan Casey, the former VP of product management at Path, to her group of experts.

Casey will soon join Yahoo, sources told AllThingsD. He was responsible with recruiting the product management team for Path, as well as with managing the product roadmap process, including the new messaging feature the service provides.

Prior to his year and a half stay at Path, Casey spent the better part of a decade at Google, where Mayer worked before joining Yahoo.

He began in marketing and moved up to product management, ending up in leading and developing Google’s realtime search team as well as Google+.

Casey worked closely with Mayer, so while his new position hasn’t been announced yet, it will most likely be a leading one.

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