Pandora Exec Says They're Better than iTunes

Although the company's CFO admits iTunes is a competitor, they believe they're the best

Pandora’s Chief financial Officer Mike Herring believes that while Apple’s iTunes Radio might be hyped and have a wide reach, Pandora is still the superior streaming radio service.

In an interview for CNET, Herring acknowledged that Apple and a few other competitors are threats to Pandora, but continues to believe they are doing this better than anyone else out there.

“Keep in mind there have been lots of credible threats over the years, from startups to Microsoft to Google, to Apple and Twitter this year. We absolutely see iTunes as a competitive option out there, but we think we are a great service that does this better than anybody else,” Herring said.

However, he says, the recent companies offering similar services have been large, well-funded companies that have agendas outside a good music experience, such as selling cell phones or downloads. “We sell downloads, but the priority isn’t to sell as many downloads as possible. It’s emblematic of the difference,” the CFO said.

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