Palo Alto Networks Buys Security Firm Cyvera

The two could end up offering one of the most powerful prevention systems

Palo Alto Networks, a big American security company, has bought Cyvera, security company from Israel.

Palo Alto Networks has agreed to pay $200 million, a deal that is expected to be completed sometime in the second half of 2014.

The Israeli company has managed to create a new approach to fight off zero-day attacks by using an innovative style of defense techniques. Such attacks are particularly major threats to enterprises, governments or various service providers.

Cyvera’s system can offer protection against core attack methods at the endpoint during the exploitation phase, which means that the attack is handled before the malware can get to the system.

The company’s Targeted Remote Attack Prevention System uses a 16-point system that can identify all information coming through and creates obstacles that can slow down or completely stop intruders before malicious data can reach servers.

The company brags that since deploying the product, it has managed to stop 100 percent of the incoming attacks.

Palo Alto Networks hopes that with the help of Cyvera’s technologies, as well as its own threat cloud, they’ll manage to create one of the most powerful security platforms in the market, something that most big companies are in dire need of.

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