Out of the "Gang of Four," Google's Eric Schmidt Would Like to Run Apple

He still believes the tech world is dominated by Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple

Eric Schmidt doesn't do much at Google these days, but that means he has more time to talk about the company, something he loves.

In a recent interview with All Thing D's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher he touched on several subjects about the company and technology in general.

It's nothing he hasn't talked about previously, but things move rather fast in the industry and perspectives change.

When talking about the competition, he again iterated on his "gang of four" idea, the four dominating tech companies, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

These are four different companies, with different strengths, but which all overlap and compete in various ways.

He had good things to say about all of them, he believes Facebook still has a lot of potential, despite the lack of faith shown by the market.

Still, if he were to choose one other company to run, he'd choose Apple. He served on the Apple board for several years and, even though things soured between Google and Apple, he still has a "soft spot" for it.

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