Oscar Winners Are Among the Top 10 Pirated Movies of the Week

The movies with the best actor, best actress and best director are in there

The most pirated movie of last week is Red Dawn, which, despite not-so-great reviews, is proving quite popular with the pirates. Also popular is Rise of the Guardians, thanks to a DVD screener release, maybe one of the last ones.

Both of them are new entries though they occupy the first two slots in the top 10. There are also a couple of re-entries, Silver Linings Playbook, which provided this year's Oscar winning lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, makes a comeback in the top 10 entering at number five.

Lincoln, which, incidentally, provided the winner of best actor at the Oscars, Daniel Day-Lewis, also made a comeback and landed at number six.

Django Unchained has seen a burst of popularity that has pushed it from the eighth place to the fourth, but Ang Lee's, Life of Pi, who won best director, dropped from the fourth spot to the ninth.

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