Only 2 Percent of Sharing Happens on Google+, 16 Percent on Pinterest

Google+ still isn't a popular destination for most people

Google+ is keeping up with Facebook when it comes to social login, according a Gigya study. As far as sharing is concerned though, Google+ is falling far behind. Overall, Facebook dominates the social landscape, unsurprisingly.

As far as logins are concerned, Facebook owns more than half the market, at least with the sites that use Gigya to support multiple login options.

But Google+ is not far behind, as 24 percent of users prefer it. This figure may be misleading though, as most people don't choose their Google+ accounts to log in, they choose their Google accounts, and the two are not interchangeable no matter how much Google would like you to believe that.

The figures vary by category. For example, Facebook has a 79 percent share in ecommerce and 81 percent in education/non-profit sites. In the media/publishers category, Google+ manages to get a 28 percent market share, while Facebook only 44 percent.

Sharing paints a very different picture though. Facebook owns half the market here as well, but Twitter is the second biggest with a 24 percent share. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Pinterest is third with a 16 percent slice.

Interestingly, Pinterest is actually the biggest sharing option on ecommerce sites, with 41 percent of users preferring it over Facebook, which is used only 37 percent of the time. Google+ though is only used two percent of the time, an abysmal figure for the Google-owned social network.


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