One in Five US Women Online Use Pinterest

Nearly a third of young users have Instagram accounts

Pinterest has been a huge hit and the site keeps on growing at a steady pace. From the get-go, women were much more interested in the site and that continues to be true.

In fact, a recent report shows that one in five women in the US now use Pinterest, compared to 12 percent of US adults, which is about one in eight. That's counting just the internet users though, not the entire population.

In other places, the split is more even, but there's a tendency towards younger users. 12 percent of US adults use Instagram for example, impressive but not surprising given that Facebook has just revealed that the photo sharing service has some 100 million users in total.

Most of those are outside of the US obviously. In the US though, 27 percent of internet users aged between 18 and 29 are Instagram users.

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